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It pulls into a huge boulder. Back row to the inside seam to avoid the danger. Some good sized fish hang out below the spillway. It meanders with deep undercut banks and has great looking water. Garrison — Take the highway exit and cross the train tracks. A bridge goes over the river with a small launch area. You will likely have to slide the boat down the bank a bit. Phosphate — Take the highway exit for Phosphate to get here.

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Moves pretty quick in the early season. Takeout is on river right before the bridge.

Fishing Beavertail Lighthouse -

Located at a bridge. Drummond — Developed Ramp in the town of Drummond. Follow the frontage road and look for county bridges. The fish counts around Bearmouth and Beavertail are pretty low. Still some contaminates and issues to clean up this region.

Not the most popular and you will likely have it to yourself,. Schwartz Creek — 9 miles down. You could drag a very small boat up the bank at the Rock Creek bridge. Pontoons and canoes would work there. Schwartz Creek is accessed from Clinton. Turah — 9 miles below Schwartz on river left.

In low water a channel can develop right at the ramp. This was closed until about and is now open. The Blackfoot River enters at Bonner, a little over half way through the float. Osprey Stadium — Not sure on the exact mileage but it should be around Takeout is on river left at the Osprey baseball stadium off Orange Street. This year around Block Island the striped bass have switched up their feeding habits compared to other years. This season we have found them to be schooling up and chasing bait at night, not staying on structure.

It has made the night fishing much more difficult and not as productive as it has been in previous seasons. The early morning fishing at daylight has actually been better than night fishing for the past four or five weeks. A variety of new business items to be discussed as well.

Fishing Off Beavertail, RI

Anglers are encouraged to attend. We take a quick photo and then release the fish, after the first photo the fish seldom leaves the water, the hook is removed while it is at the side of the boat and then the fish is released. You can read about catch and release tactics in future columns or on my No Fluke web site www. Tautog fishing this weekend was good even though the wind made it very difficult to fish. Many reports of anglers reaching their limit.

The average seems to be three out to ten fish are keeper size. Black sea bass fishing is still good. Striped bass fishing in the Bay picked up this week. So the bass bite has slowed but not stopped. Fluke, scup and black sea bass. This week we did fairly well off Newport Brenton Reef fishing for fluke and black sea bass. Areas around Dutch Island, Austin Hollow and off Beavertail are all producing keeper fluke and sea bass for customers. And, customers are catching fluke and nice balck sea bass off Newport.

Labels: fishing when the water gets hot , striped bass in jeopardy , write your commissioners. That first run was spectacular. We fought the shark for an hour and forty-five minutes. We chased it around a bit and then the shark sounded and we had to get it up. We finally circled the fish with Chris Napolitano putting on the pressure by pumping and reeling, pumping and reeling, trying to disrupt the fish. Finally the fish turned on its side and came up. We also had two other crew that did a great job helping to harpoon and tail tie the fish… hats off to Jim DeAngelo and Matthew Charland for their great work.

Both fish were caught on Saturday, July 6. The tournament kicked off on July 6 at a. New cod and haddock regulations. First, the Gulf of Maine cod and haddock recreational regulations have changed.

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Georges Bank cod regulations which govern fishing off Rhode Island have also changed. Striped bass fishing has moved out of the Narragansett Bay. Anglers are still hooking up with 30 to 40 pound fish using jigs on the West Side of the Canal.

Fish are also being caught by anglers trolling wire on the southwest ledge and the north rip during the day but they are not as large. We also have customers catching fish in the low 20 inch range south of the Jamestown Bridge.

Fishing off off of Beavertail lighthouse in Jamestown Rhode Island

And, customers continue to catch large black sea bass off Beavertail Point. Biggest fluke of the week was Scup fishing continues to be very good just about anywhere there is structure and water movement. Anglers are still catching scup at the white church bridge in Barrington. Anglers are also catching scup under the Mt.

A report from noted offshore angler Richard Pastore.

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  7. At Tuna Ridge temperature change went from 69 to almost 73 in a couple of miles. Flat seas, no bait and a few birds. We put out black squid and brown squid splash bars on the outside tracks about ' back in the outriggers. Inside lines were a black and blue Islander with a Ballyhoo and green machine daisy chain with a bird leading the way.

    Twenty minutes out the brown spreader bar explodes and almost tears the outrigger off the boat. The fish came out of nowhere.