Manual Christianity, Islam, and Oriṣa Religion: Three Traditions in Comparison and Interaction

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TMW Media,. This Changed Everything - Episode 2 [electronic resource]. Vision Video, The second episode in this series explores how the Protestant Reformation continued to spread quickly across Europe. Protestantism continued to splinter as radical reformers champi. Vision Video,. Mohan, TN, filmmaker Peters, David, filmmaker. Rick Steves: Luther and the Reformation [electronic resource]. APT Worldwide, Travel expert Rick Steves sheds light on the th anniversary of the Reformation by visiting key sites including Erfurt, Wittenberg and Rome , and explores the complicated politi.

APT Worldwide,. What History Reveals about the Resurrection [electronic resource]. The Great Courses, What was it that caused Jesus's followers to believe he had been raised from the dead? Investigate the disciples' visions of Jesus, alive again after his death, as reflected in Pau. The Great Courses,. The Long Search [electronic resource]. Ambrose Video, Ambrose Video,. Protestant Spirit USA [electronic resource]. In the churches of Indianapolis, we see bewildering multiplicity of Protestantism. Churches with the seating and styling of deluxe first-run theaters.

Services conducted with. Hinduism: Million Gods [electronic resource]. Traces the Indian religious experience in two highly contrasting locations: the bustling city of Benares where millions come to bathe in the holy waters of the Ganges, and the smal. Footprint of the Buddha-India [electronic resource]. Among those we meet are Buddhist monks-including one American, school children.

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Catholicism: Rome, Leeds and the Desert [electronic resource]. Catholicism, especially since Vatican II, has undergone many changes. In this episode filmed in Rome, Spain and England, we discover the diversity and the unity of the religious ex. Islam: There is no God but God [electronic resource].

It is said in Islam that every child is born Muslim by nature: he has the belief in his heart of one God.

Over million people profess Islam, and its numbers are said to be grow. Orthodox Christianity: The Rumanian Solution [electronic resource]. The Orthodox churches in Eastern Europe seem to be bound to the Communist states in essentially loveless marriages, except in Rumania. The Rumanian Orthodox Church is still seen as. Judaism: The Chosen People [electronic resource].

What is it that makes a Jew a Jew? In New York, Elie Wiesel, author and survivor of the concentration camps, tries to define it. There are almost million people scattered across the world who belong to tribal religions that are local, exclusive and frequently animist - i. If the Buddha of India met the Buddha of Japan, would they recognize each other?

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To find out, this program talks to the staff in a Tokyo restaurant who keep regular Zen meditation. African Religions: Zulu Zion [electronic resource]. When Christian missionaries took the Gospel to Africa they also tried to suppress African religion and subvert African culture with t. Taoism: A Question of Balance-China [electronic resource]. In our search for Chinese religious experience, we go to Taiwan.

A whole pantheon of gods both local and imported from the mainland are worshipped in thousands of Buddhist and Taoi. The spiritual impulse of the time steps beyond the boundaries of religious tradition - so wrote Theodore Roszak, spokesman for the counter-culture, who is Ronald Eyre's guide to th. Reflections on the Long Search [electronic resource]. In this episode Ronald Eyre asks himself some questions.

Christianity, Islam, and Oriṣa Religion: Three Traditions in Comparison and Interaction

It is not a film in which he hands out diplomas to believers of the religion that pleased him best. The search, for him, be.

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Augustine's Scriptural History Books [electronic resource].