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Henson, C. Logic , 49 , — Logic , 51 , — Hurd, A.

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1st Edition

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An Introduction to Non Standard Analysis and Applications to Quantum Theory

Lightstone, A. Loeb, P. Luxemburg, W. Morley, M. Nelson, E. Pincus, D.

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Hurd and P. Loeb Eds. Rashid, S. Robert, A. Robinson, A. Luxemburg Ed. Simpson, S. Spector, M. Wiener and A.

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Kolmogorov which is closely related to the developments of the theory of stochastic processes. It was Wiener who constructed for the first time in a probability measure on the space of all continuous functions i. Then some important properties of Wiener integrals, especially the quasi-invariance of Gaussian measures, were discovered by R.

Cameron and W.


Martin[l, 2, 3]. In , Kolmogorov[l] deduced a second partial differential equation for transition probabilities of Markov processes order with continuous trajectories i. The stochastic analysis created by K.

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Ito also independently by Gihman [1] in the forties is essentially an infinitesimal analysis for trajectories of stochastic processes. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Mathematics Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes.

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