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One of the most detrimental things which can happen to a vineyard or to any planted field is when animals enter the field and begin to nibble and eat the product.

Are you catching the “little foxes?”

In the above verse we read that the foxes which spoil the vineyard. However, a farmer does have a weapon against the field mouse and that is a corn snake. A corn snake will live within the corn field and whenever it spots a mouse, it will devour it and one more threat is eliminated. This verse gives us good insight into another place which is threatened by the little foxes and that is the local church. A great roaring lion does not have to walk into a church with a desire to destroy it.

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The only thing needed to begin to destroy any assembly is a small infection of false teachings or the acceptance of anything of anti-biblical nature. Satan knows that if someone comes into the assembly and brings a rank heresy, it will be thrown out very quickly but the way to destroy an assembly is by causing it to drift very slowly.

One of the most misunderstood verses in the Bible is Isaiah Isa KJV Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Many interpret this to mean that if we reason with God and realize our sin and sinful paths, then God will take our crimson sin and turn them as white as snow. This verse is not teaching that. When leprosy is in its infant stages, it starts out as red spots and dots and then when it is fully spread it turns the skin white and leprosy also disallows much feeling.

A leper can be burning themselves and not know it because of lack of feeling in the affected parts. Isaiah is warning Judah and us that if we do not cut off the little sins in our lives, then the sin infection will develop and spread just as the disease of leprosy spreads in a human body.

The reason this verse is not speaking of sin abatement is because the Bible in many places teach us that when a person becomes a saved, God has removed our sins.

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He did not just cover our sins. They can be quite subtle and we tend to justify and minimize them. Consider this thought, though…When we justify them not only do those small bites here and there represent energy that we are consuming that our body may not need, but might it also be adding a little bit of hardening to our hearts spiritually speaking?

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Maybe we can ask God to make us sensitive to His leading so that we get rid of the little foxes and welcome His Presence as the good Vinedresser that He is into our Vineyard! Just another opportunity to praise him and try again. I need a bite of cheese NOW! Who knew little foxes could wreak such havoc! Thank you!

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I needed this well-timed little reminder. This is exactly what I do. This is a great post. I will re-read it. Just today, I ate lunch with a friend. A delicious, satisfying sandwich. I know that if I took a sip, it would be like sneaking it and trying to get away with it.

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Thanks for this post! Another issue for me is going past a 5 when I eat sweets. Has anyone fasted from a particular food that seems to trigger overeating or is this diet mentality?


Sometimes, God has asked me to fast from a food for a season. It might be a short season. If you feel at peace with the decision, then go for it, but Romans 13 tells us that whatever is not of faith is sin…that can be helpful in deciding what to do. For me, my most successful thing that I fast is a partial fast. Lawful, yes, but beneficial…no! I must go inside to buy them. Some boundaries with that particular food and I seem to do well. Ruling it out completely might trigger me. Just what I needed…Too many foxes lurking in my territory.. Been on a struggle the last 2 weeks..

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A lot going on.. Had my 9 yr old g-dghtr for a week.. Trying to help my dghtr thru her own struggles with job and finances.. Dealing with the emotions and reactions of my 94 yr old Mother…My sister may be moving here the end of Nov. She almost had a mental breakdown.. She is 60, and her job as a caregiver for a handicapped man, became too much stress for her.. It is so challenging, Barbi. I totally get it. I am praying for you right now. About the same time, I had to have my first horse put down.

It was a challenging time…SO challenging! God is there to hold us close and to be our Comforter during these times. I am so glad for his faithfulness!