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This second edition of Wicked Cool Shell Scripts offers a collection of useful, customizable, and fun shell scripts for solving common problems and personalizing your computing environment. You'll find a mix of classic favorites, like a disk backup utility that keeps your files safe when your system crashes, a password manager, a weather tracker, and several games, as well as 23 brand-new scripts, including: — ZIP code lookup tool that reports the city and state — Bitcoin address information retriever — suite of tools for working with cloud services like Dropbox and iCloud — for renaming and applying commands to files in bulk — processing and editing tools Whether you want to save time managing your system or just find new ways to goof off, these scripts are wicked cool!

Bad practices are modeled ad nauseam: failure to double-quote variables, using "[ x -o y ]" as "[ x ] [ y ]", using "! Most of the scripts are not done in excellent modern practice. Nonetheless, a beginner in shell scripting would probably find this book to be quite enlightening. Ernest Davis and Gary Marcus. Tools and Weapons.

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Wicked Cool Shell Scripts - 101 Scripts For Linux, Mac OS X, And Unix Systems

Your Linux Toolbox. Julia Evans. Steve Klabnik and Carol Nichols.

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Peter Yaworski. Make Your Own Scratch Games! Anna Anthropy. As some readers of the book won't have written scripts before, the book starts with a Shell Scripts crash course on the syntax of bash scripts and how to use them. However, this is very much a book aimed at 'this is how to do task xx', rather than 'learn to program using shell scripts'. The scripts do start off relatively simple and get more complex, and as a programmer you do learn about the power bash has to offer, but you wouldn't want to learn to program using either bash or this book.

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  8. The scripts are all followed by a paragraph explaining what the clever bit of it is, but again, this is more about showing how to achieve a result rather than teaching you what a particular command does. That's not a criticism; this is a book showing how to do clever stuff using bash, and it's very good at that. The descriptions also cover how you could 'hack' the script to suit your own specific needs.